How To Make Money With Facebook

1) Selecting Topic for Page

This is the part that will infuriate you. The easiest way to overcome this is to empathize. For now, aside from the idea of ​​making money from Facebook, even forget it.

Think about what you’ve done as an ordinary Facebook user before, which pages you like, what makes you like them. This way you will surely find a way out, an idea.

After all, our goal is not to convince ordinary people who like to have a little fun on Facebook or have a good time to like our page? Yeah, that’s exactly our goal. That’s why you have to think like that.

It may take months to find an impressive topic. Ultimately, the whole project will depend on it. Eliminate ordinary ideas from the beginning. Push the boundaries to sign a special project that no one ever imagined. Use your imagination.

2) Turn the Page

If you think that you have an idea that will attract people flocking to you, the rest is easy. Open a Facebook account from scratch right away. Confirm by phone to prevent shutdown. You are free to open any number of Facebook pages under the same account.

No need to explain because the page turn is incredibly simple. But if you have no idea, the R10 or Wmaracı is a great resource for these issues. Sign up for them and visit the Facebook topic. In addition, you have the opportunity to meet with those who make money from Facebook.

How to draw members to Facebook page?

You’ve decided which method you want to use to make money from Facebook, you’ve selected the topic and opened the page. Now it’s time to gather followers.

1- Make interesting comments on large pages and tag your page at the end of the comment. Never exaggerate!

2- Pay paid advertising to popular pages. 1-hour advertising price of millions of pages varies between 100-150 TL.

3- Advertise sponsors on Facebook. You need a credit card for this. You can reach a lot of people using a certain budget with a credit card. If the project you’re working on is of such quality that it’s really worth it, don’t hesitate to invest.

You don’t need to invest to make money from Facebook, but if you want to get results in a short time, sponsored ads are a great solution. Until you reach 20,000 followers, you only need to advertise sponsors.

4- Make good quality posts on your Facebook page. Choose content that your members will like. Especially if you follow the agenda, you will benefit a lot. Interpret the agenda by adding something from yourself.

5- Schedule shares on your page. With Facebook’s scheduling feature, you can schedule your shares at once and have them automatically published. When scheduling, target the hours when people visit social media the most.

Look at the data to see when they are more active. The reaction to your previous shares is an indication of this.

6- Give value to your audience and do your best to make them aware of it. Be sincere, feel free to joke when appropriate, be open to criticism and be polite provided that it is constructive.

7- Keep in touch with your audience. Reachable, so make sure you’re no different from them. Give honest and sincere answers to the comments as quickly as possible.

With these methods, you can shoot organic members on your Facebook page. Organic member means active member. Let’s note that aside.

Those who want to make money from Facebook should consider:

First of all, let’s talk about common mistakes that people make while trying to make money from Facebook.

Ways to Make Money From Facebook

1. Lack of target market: Having a defined target market is one of the first steps in building a successful business. And making money from Facebook is no exception. If you want to set up a Facebook fan page or develop a Facebook app, you need to define your target market. Who will be your fans? Who will use your Facebook app?

Defining your target market clearly will help you achieve your goals and determine what you will focus on your promotional efforts.

2. Not meeting the need: As with any other job, in your Facebook monetization project, you need to give people powerful reasons to walk with you.

If you’re creating a Facebook fan page, you’ll need to provide people with useful information to solve their problems and answer their questions. And if you’re going to develop a Facebook application, you’ll have to solve the problems many Facebook users are dealing with.

3. Doing a lot of advertising: Although you need to promote products and services to make money from Facebook, there must be a limit.

Even if you have millions of followers, continuous advertising will result in losses. To avoid this, you need to provide a good mix of valuable content and promotional materials. A good strategy is to publish an advertisement after at least three information publications.

Everything must be decided. Excessive advertising on social media is not very welcome. When the audience that follows you understands that your only goal is to make money, you are alone.

4. Spam: A number of people are desperately linking to other Facebook pages to increase Facebook followers. You will probably see such links on blogs, forums and even other Facebook pages.

This strategy will be counterproductive if overloaded. So, if you want to make money from Facebook, you should avoid spam in any form. Adopt proven strategies and seek long-term positive results.

5. Very rare sharing: If you want to attract more than a million followers to your Facebook page, you should share it regularly. This will help your fans continue with you. However, you will not be able to reach this goal if you publish it at insufficient intervals.

6. Sharing too often: Yes, they liked your page because they like to share your valuable information and hope to get more. However, if you publish too often, you will do damage. No matter how much your fans like what you share, much is overwhelmed.

7. Not encouraging interaction: Promoting interaction is one of the smartest ways to increase Facebook followers. In fact interaction can help your page develop faster than valuable content.

This is because Facebook was originally built for unlimited interaction. Therefore, if you are only broadcasting without encouraging feedback and comments from your followers, you will gradually lose over time.

8. Not following the event: Another key to creating a successful Facebook page is to follow the fans’ events. Using the Facebook analysis tool, you can find out what kind of publications your fans enjoy and share the most.

You should follow your page analysis to know if what you are doing is right, and when is the best time to engage your audience.

9. Attacking too many channels at once: There are many ways to make money on Facebook. These include creating a Facebook page, sponsoring publications and advertising, affiliate sales and much more.

You should only focus on one of these options when you get started. When you succeed with just one option, you should consider expanding your scope. Trying to enter more than one channel at the same time causes failure.

10. Trying to make quick money: Making money from Facebook is like making money from another initiative; it takes time and effort. If you’re looking for a business that can bring you five-digit earnings in a few weeks, then you’ve come to the wrong place.

If you have a fast-paced mindset, you resort to unethical strategies. And even if you succeed with them, you will soon be caught.

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