Earn Money While Sleeping

1. Before you start, ask yourself: orum Am I doing this only for money? ”

Passive income is largely dependent on your followers. You will not be successful if they realize that you find making money more important than serving them. The intention should always be to help people and offer them something. As a result, you can earn nice coins.

Walt Disney sums up the situation very well: We don’t make videos to make more money. We make money to make more videos.

2. Be prepared to spend serious time in advance.

There is no concept of being successful overnight. You need to work and spend time seriously. For example, Angry Birds may seem to have succeeded in a very short time, but Angry Birds is the 52nd game produced by Rovio. You may need to work 1.5 years to get followers to your most successful project.

3. After putting the product out, you are not finished.

100 There is no such thing as 100% passive income. Even in the real estate sector, you need to manage your assets. Even in the stock market you need to manage your portfolio. When it comes to online business, there is no such thing as 100% passive income. The definition of passive income is related to “system development.. If you want people to visit your site continuously and have a constant traffic, you need to satisfy your followers. In other words, you need to spend serious time before, and then you need to feed the content put forward in this spent time. ”

4. You must find the right market.

Most people are looking for a business that will appeal to everyone. But trying to serve everyone is actually not being able to serve anyone. Therefore, you should focus on a specific area and focus on your experience, education and passion. The amount of your earnings will be directly proportional to how well you can serve this audience. The more repercussions you write, the more chance you will get.

5. Think about 3-4 years before you start work.

3-4 years from now, if you will enjoy the same level of content that you produce, this increases your chances of success.

6. Research how people are served and try to fill the gap.

Don’t be intimidated by your opponents. He says that having competitors means confirming your work. See other bloggers as friends, not competitors, and take advantage of them. But you have to find out what makes you special. You should think about how you can benefit from the things that are lacking in the market.

7. Set up your platform.

Once you have selected the area in which you will operate, set up a platform where you can forward your message. It can be a blog, a youtube channel, a podcast… You can start creating your fan base like this. The world doesn’t need to follow you to work financially. If you have 1000 strict followers who pay you $ 100 a year, that’s $ 100,000 a year. Therefore, you do not have to address everyone.

8. Offer free stuff.

You cannot charge them without your followers having full knowledge of the service you offer. The best way to generate long-term passive income is to provide free information and services. This creates a bond between your followers and expertise, knowledge and trust.

9. Find out what will serve people better.

As your audience starts to understand that you are putting value, your passive income increases. You can sell digital products such as e-books or e-courses. You can sell your products and services from other companies and make commission as a sales partner. You can produce and sell software. You can create a community and sell premium membership there. Ask people directly which social media they like. See what kind of problems are there and do your best to solve it.

10. Remember that as you earn, money should not be your main motivation.

Don’t let money get you out of the way as you succeed. If you receive a product for which you receive a fantastic commission for sale, if your followers offer a bad experience, it will be against you, you will squeeze into your own feet.

When you put money in the forefront, when you start to lie to make a sale, trickery comes into it. You should check this immediately.

It is important to know what your main motivation is to avoid this mistake. Passive income is not just a means of subsistence or financial gain for me. This system, which allows me to work from home, gave me the opportunity to see my children’s first “father” sayings and my first steps. I have two children, 1 and 4 years old. It is their presence that motivates me to offer new products and services in difficult times.

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