Earn Money By Publishing

You’ve heard how people manage to make money from YouTube. In addition, there is a new way to make money on the internet thanks to the videos you take. Today, content producers have started broadcasting live to express themselves, educate the community, show their creativity, share their knowledge – and earn extra money.

If you’re wondering how to make money with Live Broadcast, there’s no definite answer. With video streaming you have the opportunity to make money in many ways. One of these is the option to charge per user or subscription to your live broadcast. In addition, thanks to the ads you will receive on your videos, you have the option to earn money directly from companies. Another option is to start a campaign on sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo and raise money to start a video broadcast on a particular topic.

Video monetization methods have one of its own pros and cons, and this guide will help you explain the advantages and disadvantages of someone here and help you find the best way to make money for you.

Earn Money by Publishing

Making your live broadcasts directly into money can be called an easy way to make money. Here, cashing means getting a fee from people watching your broadcast. Video streaming sites such as DaCast, which prevent unpaid users from accessing the broadcast, make this possible. You can also use other services that are compatible with your broadcast platform. An example of this is the InPlayer program. This program is compatible with many popular broadcasting platforms.

Returning to how to monetize your live broadcasts with the payment option, there are two payment options available for this. The first option requires viewers to pay for watching the video live or repetition for a certain period of time.

The other option is a subscription, just like Netflix and Amazon Video do. In the subscription option, your viewers pay monthly or periodically to reach your content. You can subject your viewers to automatic invoicing so that they automatically pay a certain amount each month until you cancel their subscription.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to non-payers’ inability to access your feed, such as the per-watch fee or subscription fee system we’re talking about. One of the biggest advantages is that you receive your money in advance and continuously in the subscription system. Plus, your viewers don’t need to watch ads.

The bad thing about turning this directly into money is that you have to have an audience to keep it going. When you charge your feed, you may notice a decrease in the number of viewers, which may limit the amount you earn and the spread of your feed.

Advertising and Sponsorship

Through advertising and sponsors, indirectly monetizing your work is another way of making money, and most television channels do their job. If you receive an ad, you’ll usually see an ad or an ad band that carries it before your broadcast.

Advertising is also a good alternative for content producers who ask their viewers to pay per view or use the subscription system and are therefore afraid of losing them. Thanks to advertising, viewers don’t have to pay to watch your feed. For advertising, you can browse options like Google Adsense and Affiliate market. With these two advertising methods, you can show ads directly or close to your feed.

If we look at the cons, ads can be distracting, especially if they appear during the broadcast. Another potential problem may be that companies that provide you with funding can stop advertising if they don’t get enough returns. You need to have a wide audience to make money with advertising.

While sponsorships have the same logic as advertisements, you are expected to market your sponsor’s product on the air without advertising it, instead of the ads that appear during the broadcast. While your publication is in progress, you can take a short break and tell the sponsor of your publication. The advantages of the sponsorship system are similar to those of advertisements, as are the disadvantages.

Website Promotion

Another way to monetize your live broadcasts is to drive traffic to your website. Your site may include ads that make money, a subscription system, e-books for sale, or an e-commerce site that provides products and services directly.

With this type of broadcast, your video feed may become your own site. However, such broadcasts are less inconvenient to viewers because viewers have the opportunity to watch your feed without ads and may choose not to enter your site.

If you want to succeed in promoting your site using videos, you need to make sure that your content fits. You should avoid telling the whole story. Provide audiences with information that can only interest them and direct them to your site to learn the rest. This can take some time to make large sums of money.

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