18 Ways To Make Money From Facebook

1. Be Professional

Although some entrepreneurs consider using their personal pages to run their business, this is not considered professional. Don’t confuse your private Facebook account.

Everyone who opens a Facebook page immediately invites friends around. The supporters will surely be there, but make sure they are more discouraged. Don’t even tell anyone until your monetization project on Facebook is a definite success.

2. Create Brand

Once you’ve created your Facebook business page, it’s important to ensure that your audience can find you and create a profile cover image as well as a profile picture.

3. Stay away from politics

When you run a business, you need to understand that your customers will come from different political differences. Therefore, if you have strong political views and do not want to lose your customers, they should not appear on your business page.

4. Add images to your posts

Regardless of how short your posts are, a photo attracts your audience and an interesting picture makes them want to read everything you publish. In addition, in addition to attracting more attention, posting pictures in your posts will allow Facebook to encourage such publications more than just text-based ones.

5. Timing

It’s important to know when to post content to your business page, because publishing it at the right time means you’ll get more comments and interactivity. Try to find out which time is better for publications to attract attention by experimenting.

6. Keep your content informative and interesting

Content is king because it’s the best way to attract your audience. However, if you want to please your audience, you should talk more about the features of the product or service you offer, rather than selling it correctly. Make sure your publications are carefully planned to not only increase interaction, but also allow you to build your brand.

7. Focus on keywords

The only way to get more visibility, regardless of how unique publications or images are, is to use target keywords. Proper use of keywords will allow more users to see posts.

8. Promotional Video

According to statistics, videos on Facebook are less than 1 percent of all posts, reaching more people than any other message on the network. People always want to watch something on Facebook and it’s best to turn video messages into advantage.

9. Add captions to videos

If you’re creating video posts, it’s important to consider the subtitle. According to the research, most video viewers on Facebook do it without sound, and so subtitling is a way to make the majority of viewers read what you intend to say.

10. Add a call-to-action to your business page

Adding a call-to-action to your Facebook business page lets your fans easily communicate with your business. The call-to-action can be in the corner of your cover page, and your fans are likely to see more.

11. Reply to messages

Be sure to respond promptly to requests, questions, complaints, and other types of messages so you can let your fans see how quickly you interact with them.

12. Never receive ads until your audience reaches a certain number. A small number of followers don’t make much money anyway. You just focus on working for more.

13. The number of followers increases very slowly until you exceed the 20 thousand limit. Furthermore, the fact that you have passed the 20 thousand limit in three months does not mean that it will continue to be so slow. The number will increase much faster since every share you make will fall on the wall of 20 thousand people.

14. Pay attention to copyright, respect social values, and do not separate people. It does not concern you who belongs to which religion, language or race. Note that the page without followers is nothing. Each of your followers will bring you closer to making money from Facebook.

15. Don’t buy followers. Followers do not usually use natural methods. People like pages without realizing it in various ways. Later, Facebook residents who become aware of this leave the pursuit.

16. Buying a ready project instead of opening a new page can be a quick solution, but keep in mind that there are too many crooks. What should be considered by those who want to buy ready projects to earn money from Facebook?

You have to examine every aspect of the page you want to buy. Don’t make a mistake like just focus on the number of visitors. Also review the interaction rates of the page and make sure it is directly proportional to the number of visitors.

Compare the data with other Facebook pages. You can do this by looking at the webmaster forums. If you are going to buy a Facebook page through the forums, try to make this exchange face to face. If this is not the case, do not make the payment without receiving the page.

17. Those who choose social media as a target for making money generally act with the same logic and work constantly on the same projects. You come across people with an original and extraordinary idea to stand out from all this.

18. Even if your goal is only to make money from Facebook, using all other social sites for support will help you reach your goal in a short time. Create accounts and link to other social sites for the fan page you opened.

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