15 Monetized Websites

1- Elance

Elance is one of the largest legal business markets on the Internet. Elance’s interface is very simple, from authoring to translator, from web design to programming. The only thing that job seekers need to do on the site where employers share the work that needs to be done is to make a proposal for the job.

Regardless of the amount you want to earn, your options are almost limitless. Registered users can earn between $ 1,000 and $ 100,000 a year. The only bad thing about Elance, which seems quite attractive with its free use and reliable structure, is that it is a bit crowded. Since there are many users who are willing to do poor quality work at a very cheap price, it may take time to start earning the money you deserve from a qualified job.

2- Fiverr

Fiverr is also easy to interface but more professional site. The minimum amount payable for any service is $ 5 per hour. The working principle is designed in a way determined by the employee. Job seekers register by listing the services they can provide, and an employer examines profiles and offers them as they find fit.

Payment security is also on line. Payments are charged by Fiverr before the work is done so you do not have the chance to be scammed. The minimum price and payment guarantee makes Fiverr attractive, but it is not easy to get a regular income from this site. Because Fiverr is a very competitive platform.

3- oDesk

For oDesk it would be wrong to call Elance’s sister company. The site has a different design and payment tracking system according to Elance. It is a very suitable site for beginners, but the fees at oDesk are therefore lower. So it can only serve as a starting step for those who think bigger.

4- Craigslist

Craigslist is a platform where you can find an ad on almost everything. There are plenty of job offers for those who want to work from home. A great start site to get some experience and make money. Craigslist addresses a broad profile of university students from local businesses.

Of course, the missing parts of the site does not exist. It’s not always easy to get paid for what you do. Sometimes you have to run after the employer.

5- Freelancer

Freelancer can be called a gamified version of eLance and oDesk. Depending on your skills and experience, you can skip the level of jobs on this site according to the level you have reached. It is also one of the platforms where business diversity and flow are abundant.

The bad thing about Freelancer is that you don’t have a chance to use it for free. You may need to pay the site to reach certain levels and get more jobs. This feature, which allows you to draw a more reliable profile in the eyes of employers, can be a burden for beginners.

6- Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website that rewards you with virtual money for completing various surveys. These virtual currencies can then be converted into real money, Amazon gift certificates or PayPal credits. The site has a lot of users, especially in the United States.

There are other tasks you can do besides answering the survey. Watching videos and using search engines are some of your options.

7- Qmee

The Qmee website allows you to earn money using only search engines. Qmee, which runs through an add-on that you download to your computer, tracks Google, Amazon, eBay, Yahoo, Bing and Tesco searches and pays per call. It is also possible to earn extra money by clicking on ads placed on Qmee in these searches.

8- Gift Hunter Club

Another site that gives you virtual points for watching videos, participating in surveys and performing other easy tasks is Gift Hunter Club. Similar to this site, you can redeem points you earn on Amazon gift cards or PayPal. The fun of the task of making money while not annoying the site’s payment speed compared to competitors.

9- GiftHulk

GiftHulk is a site that works with the same logic as Gift Hunter Club. You can earn virtual money called Hulk Coin by watching videos, answering surveys or using the site’s own search engine. Then you can shop on the internet by turning this money into several different kinds of gift certificates.

10- Field Agent

It’s time for applications that require a little movement. Field Agent is a free app that you can install on your smartphone. This app asks you to perform a field inspection for specific products. All you have to do is stop by the nearby markets and compare the prices of the product, document them with photos and write a short comment depending on the situation. Wages per task are higher than earnings on the internet, but the frequency of work is relatively low.

11- BeMyEye

It is similar to the Field Agent but it is a much more comprehensive application. This application can be used with any smartphone works with many large companies and you are waiting for you to help various market research. Tasks include testing a product by consuming it and photographing the sequence of a department. BeMyEye is one of the best earning applications on our list, taking into account your expenses when you need to spend. Of course, good wages increase the competition. It is useful to keep your notifications open, as the tasks are caught up very quickly.

12- Shepper

Shepper is another way of making money via smartphone app. The job pool of the application, which gives BeMyEye-like tasks, is also quite extensive. It’s possible to do a lot of work from billboard control to confirming Airbnb homes.

There is a high chance that you will be dealing with people you do not know in the works you will do. Although Shepper doesn’t doubt the security of his duties, it might be a good idea to let a relative know when you’re going somewhere unseen. Of course, it’s best not to accept an unsafe mission from the start. In order to sign up for Shepper who requires authentication to become a member, you also need to go through a short training and test through the app. Shepper also makes payments at the end of the month, asking you to confirm your membership each month.

13- Stockimo

If you have a habit of taking photos and trust your photography skills, this is an app you should try. Although stock photography companies generally accept photos taken with professional cameras, Stockimo is expanding the industry and enabling smartphone owners.

The risk is that Stockimo does not guarantee money. If your photos are not liked or bought by anyone, you will not get a share. But if you’re a little talented, you’ll be able to earn much higher coins than you’d expect. Especially the photos purchased by corporate companies and used in advertising or newspaper news are very profitable.

The only drawback of the application is that it is not compatible with Android. So for now only appeals to Apple users.

14- Alamy, Adobe Stock and Shutterstock

These websites offer the best options for those interested in stock photography. Unlike Stockimo, however, they only accept photos taken with professional DSLR cameras. Also keep in mind that photos with brand logos or people are more restricted and sometimes require approval. Be sure to read the licensing terms when uploading photos of yourself and your relatives.

15- Job Spotter

Another application that rewards the user with gift certificates is Job Spotter. With Job Spotter, which is available for download on Google Play and the App Store, all you need to do is take photos of job postings affixed to areas such as shop windows, power poles. The things you need to pay attention to when taking the picture are quite simple. The photos should include only the advertisement and the people around should not enter the frame. If the advertisement is on a shop, you take a photo of the shop in such a way that no one else will enter the frame. You may sometimes need to open your phone’s location to verify that you are in the place where the photo was taken.

The most important plus of Job Spotter is that, unlike many other sites and applications, there is no limit to earning your earnings. So no matter how many points in your account you can instantly convert into gift checks. We also recommend that you turn to local shops instead of chain companies. Because these ads earn more points.

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